cabinsmiths, owned by Jimmie and Karen smith, is an Independent Dealership of Honest Abe Log Homes

CabinSmiths LLC, based in Latimer County, Oklahoma, serves log or timber home customers in North Texas, Western Arkansas and all of Oklahoma.


Log and Timber Home Sales

CabinSmiths is the ideal choice for those who want an energy-efficient, custom log home, timber frame home or hybrid home. 

They’ll help you oversee delivery of the log or timber frame package, and they’ll work with you and your contractor during construction of the home (or commercial structure) from setting the logs and timbers to finishing the interior and exterior.

In other words, CabinSmiths’ customers don’t have to worry about coordinating what for many is the project of a lifetime. Call 918-564-8646 to get started.


Working with Honest Abe Log Homes

As an Independent Dealer, CabinSmiths will navigate each homeowner though the process of designing a log or timber home and serving as liaison with Honest Abe throughout the manufacturing process. Honest Abe Log Homes began in 1979 and is still owned and operated by the family of its founder. Honest Abe’s kiln-dried, Eastern white pine and Douglas fir log and timber packages are manufactured in Moss, Tennessee, upon order.


Commercial Structures

In addition to homes CabinSmiths handles commercial log and timber frame construction, offering complete project management including custom design and manufacturing though Honest Abe.


Get In Touch

With CabinSmiths, homeowners can rest easy that a new log, timber or hybrid will be handled professionally and expertly from start to finish. Contact CabinSmiths to learn more about how CabinSmiths helps homeowners have the log or timber home or commercial building they’ve imagined.

Meet Jimmie and Karen Smith


Jimmie Smith is a Native Texan, is retired from a Houston-based oil company. He had a successful career in the major/global projects organization and has extensive construction experience across a broad spectrum of projects from refineries, gas plants, pipelines, infrastructure and facilities.

His education includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Aeronautics from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and a Master’s Degree in Management from Texas A&M University-Commerce.

A Veteran of the US Air Force and Texas Air National Guard, Jimmie’s dream of a career in aviation changed when he got involved in construction and realized that it was a passion.

“I have always loved and had a passion for log and timber frame homes,” Jimmie said. “One of the first toys we bought for our oldest son was a large pack of Lincoln Logs, and I’m not sure who had more fun with them, him or me, as I was taken back to when I was a child when I played with them for hours.”

The Smith family lived and worked internationally in Europe and Africa and travelled extensively around the world and the United States.

“We lived in Norway for several years where we often rented a hytte (Norwegian cabin) in the mountains for long weekends or holidays,” Jimmie said. “We would study them, think about building our own and try and figure out how we could help others do the same. We began to prepare for doing just that and are extremely excited about the future and getting to know people who share the dream of living in or owning a log cabin or home.”

Karen Smith is a native of Oklahoma and also has more 20 years of experience in the engineering and construction industry, including domestic and international refineries, power plants, civil infrastructure which includes drainage, roads and bridges. She has a Bachelor’s degree in International Business and Public Policy from the University of Maryland.

Karen said that she shares her husband’s dream of log home living and helping the dreams of others become a reality.

The Smiths have been married since November 1995 and have two sons. Their oldest son is a junior at Texas A&M University and is studying Mechanical Engineering, and their youngest son is a junior in high school, also with plans to attend TAMU.

They are currently building a farm/ranch in Southeast Oklahoma where CabinSmiths LLC will be based.